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Something Wicked This Way Comes

October 25, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner and for the newly diagnosed T1D (and those not so newly diagnosed) Halloween can be a spooky (sorry, couldn’t resist!)  time of uncertainty. This is a “holiday” after all that revolves around candy and all things sweet. When my son was younger, he still went trick ‘or treating; we just limited the time he was out and he had to surrender all candy at the end of the night. The candy was then doled out in small increments here and there but to be honest, I ended up giving a lot of the candy away. Luckily for me, he never seemed to notice and my co-workers were happy to take the candy off my hands. If he had noticed though, I’m sure the end of the world would have been upon us. Have you ever tried to take candy away from a child? I don’t recommend it…

However, Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the candy. Enter the Switch Witch. This nifty little creation is sheer brilliance and absolutely perfect for Type 1 kiddos and any parent who wants to limit their children’s sugar intake. How does the Switch Witch work? On Halloween night, before bed, kids leave a bunch of candy and sweets with their Switch Witch pal and awake in the morning to find that the Switch Witch has magically switched out their candy for a special switch gift! I told you! Sheer brilliance! And all the while, you’re teaching your children about the benefits of giving and healthy eating during Halloween.

Start your new Halloween tradition now! You can find Switch Witch here and also on Amazon. Hurry though! The witching hour is fast upon us and then it will be too late to for the Halloween fun! And many thanks to the creators of Switch Witch for taking what can be a scary holiday for the newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic and turning it into a fun and creative time.

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