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Beautiful Reasons to be Happy

October 22, 2016

Today’s post is a post for me. I needed a little reminder today that my happiness is not dependent on any one thing. It’s not dependent on how much I achieve at work. It’s not dependent on anyone’s approval of me and it’s not dependent on how much weight I lose each week; even when I have weeks like this one when I don’t lose a single ounce. We as women spend so much time making sure everyone else is happy and that we are taking care of everyone else that we sometimes forget about taking care of ourselves. So when we have failures or don’t live up to our own self-imposed expectations, it’s okay. Because there are so many reasons to be happy. Sometimes it’s just the little things; like even though I didn’t lose weight this week, I didn’t gain and the fact that after a long hard week, I get to go home and see my son’s smile. It’s these little things that are just a few of the beautiful reasons I have to be happy. So I challenge you to find your own beautiful reasons to be happy and share them if you want to. And don’t forget the number one beautiful reason to be happy…. YOU!

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