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The Long Week

October 12, 2016

Another rough day today. In fact, this whole week has been rough. Jake’s blood sugar keeps spiking up and I have no idea why. We usually see this when he’s sick or starting to come down with something. He did have some gastro symptoms earlier in the week and again yesterday afternoon so it could be that. All I know is that his blood sugar doesn’t want to come down despite all of the extra insulin he’s had today. Then of course the ketones showed up, which complicates everything..

He is feeling tired and a bit down today. I do admit that his T1D impacts me sometimes just as much as it does him. There’s missed time from work and sleepless nights waking up to check his blood sugar, but the biggest toll is always on him. He has always been a trooper when it comes to this disease though. He always meets it head on and does his best not to let it run his life. On good days we tend to forget at times, but never fully, the impact it can have on our lives. We always say Jake has T1D but it doesn’t define him. But on days like today when it’s all about the T1D, it’s hard to see that silver lining.

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